Admitted Discipline Violations

Summary of Decision on Disciplinary Action

Pamela Suzanne Boles

Vancouver, BC

Called to the bar: November 17, 1989

Discipline hearing: July 6, August 31, October 12 and November 2, 2017

Panel: Bruce LeRose, QC, chair; Ralston Alexander, QC

Decision issued: January 24, 2018 (2018 LSBC 03)

Counsel: Mark D. Andrews, QC, and Gavin Cameron for the Law Society; Richard C. Gibbs, QC, for Pamela Suzanne Boles


A citation was issued December 22, 2010, alleging failure to report outstanding monetary judgments as required by the Law Society Rules. After an initial decision issued June 11, 2012, found her guilty of professional misconduct, Boles obtained a re-opening of the Facts and Determination hearing.The panel changed its earlier decision and found Boles had committed breaches of the Law Society Rules, but not professional misconduct. That decision was confirmed on a s. 47 review by the Benchers.


The panel ordered that Boles pay a fine of $7,500. In reaching that conclusion the panel considered appropriate factors, including Boles’ admission of the breach of the rules and the concept of progressive discipline.  The panel placed little weight on letters of reference as a result of Boles’ professional conduct record.

2018 LSBC 03 Decision on Disciplinary Action