50, 60 and 70-year Certificates

Each year the Law Society honours longstanding members of the profession through the awarding of 50, 60, and 70-year certificates, in tribute to their cumulative years in the profession. 

For those lawyers who have previously served as a judge, all years of service on the Bench are acknowledged as forming part of that service record.

The recipients’ class photographs from the University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Law, now known as the Peter A. Allard School of Law, can be found below, along with the list of those lawyers celebrating milestone anniversaries in the profession in 2023.


UBC Class of 1953

UBC Class of 1963


UBC Class of 1973


The following lawyers celebrated milestone anniversaries in the profession in 2023:

Alan M. Ross (50 years)

Alex A Shorten, KC (50 years)

Alex Coffey (50 years)

Arthur E. Vertlieb, KC (50 years)

Arthur J Lee (50 years)

Barrie R. Adams (60 years)

Bernard C Lavallee (60 years)

Brian R Bronk (50 years)

Bruce C. Bell (50 years)

Bruce H. Johnstone, KC (50 years)

Bruce M Gordon Jr (50 years)

Bryan G. Baynham, KC (50 years)

D. Clifton Prowse, KC (50 years)

Daniel A Zack (50 years)

Daniel B. McIntyre (50 years)

David B Pope (50 years)

David W Donohoe (50 years)

Dennis G. McCrea (50 years)

Dirk J. Sigalet, KC (50 years)

Donald R Martin (50 years)

Douglas F. Robinson, KC (50 years)

Douglas GS Rae, KC (50 years)

Douglas K Harrison (50 years)

E. James McNeney, KC (50 years)

Edward A. Safarik (50 years)

Eric Milligan (50 years)

F. David S. Vernon, KC (60 years)

George Arnold Armstrong (70 years)

Gerald R Green (50 years)

Glen Orris, KC (50 years)

Howard C Lawrence (50 years)

Hugh J McCallum (50 years)

I. Fredrick Kaatz (50 years)

J. Donald Rose (50 years)

J. Scott Marshall (50 years)

James F Dixon (50 years)

Jerry S Adler (50 years)

John D Kinzie (50 years)

John G. Morgan (50 years)

Joseph M. P. Weiler (50 years)

Keith R. Hamilton, KC (50 years)

Kenneth G Hanna (60 years)

Kenneth S Benson (60 years)

Kevin Moore (50 years)

Kjeld Werbes (50 years)

Larry C Flader (50 years)

Lawrence I McLellan (50 years)

Marvin R.V. Storrow, KC (60 years)

Mrs Joan E Sutton-Brown (60 years)

Nicolaas A Blom (60 years)

Norris R. M. Morgan (50 years)

Peter G. Oreck (50 years)

Robert A Bassett (50 years)

Robert A. Mulligan, KC (50 years)

Robert B D Swift (50 years)

Robert H Wright, KC (50 years)

Robert J Fenton (50 years)

Robert M. Moffat (50 years)

Robert W McCaskill (50 years)

Rod Germaine (50 years)

Roderick H.G. Holloway, KC (50 years)

Roderick HunterRoderick H McCloy (50 years)

Rowland K McLeod (50 years)

Stuart T. Clendening (50 years)

Terry Hartshorne (50 years)

W. Gerald Mazzei (50 years)

William G. Weiler (50 years)


Further class photographs from the University of British Columbia Faculty of Law, now known as the Peter A. Allard School of Law, can be found at this link: My Graduating Class | historyproject.allard.ubc.ca.