The work of the Law Society is overseen by a volunteer board of governors called Benchers.

Benchers establish the Law Society Rules, the Code of Professional Conduct for British Columbia and board policies, including governance policies. The Benchers also oversee the implementation and administration of programs carried out by the Law Society staff.

The president is the chief elected official of the Law Society, and serves a one-year term in that position. With the exception of the president and vice-presidents, all Benchers volunteer their time to the Law Society, which is a considerable commitment given the frequent meetings and committee responsibilities.

There are two types of Benchers:

  • Elected Benchers: 25 lawyers who are elected by other lawyers in nine regions across BC. Benchers serve minimum two-year terms and can be re-elected.
  • Appointed Benchers: up to six non-lawyers who are appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council.

The Attorney General of BC is also a Bencher although, in practice, the Deputy Attorney General attends Bencher meetings on the Attorney General's behalf.

Bencher meeting agendas and minutes

Bencher meeting dates

Bencher elections

Presidents and Treasurers, 1869 to present

Elected Benchers

Vancouver County
Jeevyn Dhaliwal, KC
Larlee, Rosenberg, Barristers & Solicitors
Vancouver County
Brook Greenberg, KC
First Vice-President
Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP
Victoria County
Lindsay R. LeBlanc, KC
Second Vice-President
Cox Taylor
Vancouver County
Aleem Bharmal, KC
Community Legal Assistance Society
Vancouver County
Tanya Chamberlain
Virgin Law Group
Vancouver County
Nikki L. Charlton
Farris LLP
Vancouver County
Jennifer Chow, KC
Department of Justice Canada
Vancouver County
Christina J. Cook
BC First Nations Justice Council
Vancouver County
Cheryl D'Sa, KC
Narwal Litigation LLP
Vancouver County
Tim Delaney
Lindsay Kenney LLP
Nanaimo County
Brian Dybwad
Parents Legal Centre
Vancouver County
Ravi R. Hira, KC
Hira Rowan LLP
Victoria County
James A.S. Legh
Stevenson Luchies & Legh
Cariboo County
Benjamin D. Levine
Levine & Company
Westminster County
Jaspreet Singh Malik
South Fraser Law Group
Kamloops District
Jay Michi
James Michi Law Corporation
Cariboo County
Georges Rivard
Westminster County
Gurminder Sandhu, KC
Hamilton Duncan Armstrong + Stewart
Westminster County
Thomas L. Spraggs
Spraggs & Co. Law Corporation
Kootenay County
Barbara Stanley, KC
Stanley Law
Vancouver County
James Struthers
Okanagan District
Michael F. Welsh, KC
Michael F. Welsh Law Corporation
Vancouver County
Kevin B. Westell
Pender Litigation
Vancouver County
Gaynor C. Yeung
Whitelaw Twining
Prince Rupert County
Jonathan Yuen
Yuen Westwood Law Corporation

Appointed Benchers

Simran Bains
Paul Barnett
Sasha Hobbs
Dr. Jan Lindsay
Michèle Ross
Natasha Tony

Life Benchers

Any Bencher who has served for four terms or who has served as President of the Law Society is recognized for life with the honorary title of “Life Bencher.” Listed below are the Life Benchers, including dates of service as Benchers.

The Honourable Mary F. Southin, KC (1971-1980)

The Honourable Bruce I. Cohen, KC (1978-1986)

Marvin R.V. Storrow, KC (1980-1987)

R. Paul Beckmann, KC (1980-1989)

Robert M. Dick, KC (1983-1991)

The Honourable Peter Leask, KC (1984-1992)

John M. Hogg, KC (1984-1993)

P. Michael Bolton, KC (1985-1993)

The Honourable Robert T.C. Johnston, KC (1986-1994)

The Honourable Grant D. Burnyeat, KC (1988-1995)

James M. MacIntyre, KC (1986-1995)

Karen F. Nordlinger, KC (1988-1996)

Richard C.C. Peck, KC (1988-1997)

Leonard T. Doust, KC (1990-1997)

William M. Trotter, KC (1990-1997)

Trudi L. Brown, KC (1992-1998)

Warren T. Wilson, KC (1991-1999)

The Honourable Ujjal Dosanjh, KC (1995-2000)

Richard S. Margetts, KC (1995-2001)

Jane S. Shackell, KC (1994-2001)

Ann Howard (1992-2002)

Richard C. Gibbs, KC (1996-2002)

Howard R. Berge, KC (1992-2003)

Russell S. Tretiak, KC (1992-2003)

Robert D. Diebolt, KC (1996-2003)

Rita C. Andreone, KC (2006-2013)

Gerald J. Kambeitz, KC (1996-2003)

William J. Sullivan, KC (1997-2003)

Peter J. Keighley, KC (1996-2004)

William M. Everett, KC (1998-2004)

Ralston S. Alexander, KC (1999-2005)

Patricia L. Schmit, KC (1998-2005)

Robert W. McDiarmid, KC (1998-2006)

Anna K. Fung, KC (1998-2007)

Ian Donaldson, KC (2000-2007)

June Preston, MSW (2001-2008)

The Honourable Mr. Justice John J.L. Hunter (2002-2008)

Terence E. La Liberté, KC (2000-2001, 2004-2009)

James D. Vilvang, KC (2002-2009)

David A. Zacks, KC (2002-2009)

The Honourable Judge William F.M. Jackson (2003-2009)

Patrick Kelly (2002-2010)

G. Glen Ridgway, KC (2002-2010)

Gavin Hume, KC (2004-2011)

Joost Blom, KC (2004-2011)

Carol W. Hickman, KC (2004-2011)

Bruce A. LeRose, KC (2004-2012)

Art Vertlieb, KC (2004-2013)

Leon Getz, KC (2006-2013)

Kathryn Berge, KC (2006-2013)

Thelma O'Grady (2006-2013)

David Renwick, KC (2006-2013)

Richard Stewart, KC (2006-2013)

Jan Lindsay, KC (2006-2014)

Kenneth M. Walker, KC (2007-2015)

David W. Mossop, KC (2008-2015)

Haydn Acheson (2008-2015)

The Honourable Mr. Justice E. David Crossin (2010-2016)

Herman Van Ommen, KC (2009-2017)

C.E. Lee Ongman, KC (2010-2017)

Thomas P. Fellhauer, KC (2010-2017)

Gregory A. Petrisor, KC (2010-2017)

Satwinder Bains (2010-2017)

Claude H. Richmond (2010-2018)

Miriam Kresivo, KC (2012-2018)

Nancy G. Merrill, KC (2011-2019)

Philip A. Riddell, KC (2012-2019)

Tony Wilson, KC (2012-2019)

Craig A.B. Ferris, KC (2014-2020)

Pinder K. Cheema, KC (2014-2021)

Martin Finch, KC (2014-2021)

Dean P.J. Lawton, KC (2014-2021)

Jamie Maclaren, KC (2014-2021)

Elizabeth J. Rowbotham, KC (2014-2021)

Lisa Hamilton, KC (2016-2022)

Christopher A. McPherson, KC (2016-2023)

Steven McKoen, KC (2016-2023)

Sarah Westwood, KC (2014-2019, 2022-2023)