2020 Bencher meetings

January 31
March 6
April 17
May 29
July 10
September 25
October 30
December 4

Bencher meetings are usually held nine times a year at the Law Society office in Vancouver and are open to the public.


Call ceremonies: COVID-19 update

Given provincial health orders, call and admission ceremonies are postponed until further notice. As the date for future in-person ceremonies is unknown due to the current challenges, we expect to make amendments to the Law Society Rules that presently require new lawyers to be presented in open court as a condition of continued licensing, so that even if you do not attend a Call and Admission Ceremony before year end, you will receive a practice certificate for 2021 and will be able to continue to practice.

The Call and Admission Ceremony and presentation to court is an important and longstanding tradition for the legal profession. We recognize that the suspension of the in-person Call and Admission Ceremonies may be a disappointment but we also recognize that ensuring the health and safety of everyone during the current state of emergency must be a priority.

If you have questions, please contact Credentials and Member Services.