The Law Society provides lawyers with access to LifeSpeak, a digital wellness platform that offers anonymous access range of resources and content, including a library of short, digestible videos, live Q&A web-chats with mental health experts and blog posts. LifeSpeak’s Ask an Expert function provides a forum featuring qualified mental health professionals responding live to anonymous questions; users can log in to ask a question or read the transcript at later point in time.

LifeSpeak is an excellent option for those looking to invest in mental well-being without scheduling an appointment with a counsellor. LifeSpeak’s short videos offer practical strategies and insights into mental well-being that can be immediately implemented into daily life.

There are two ways to access LifeSpeak 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

  1. Log in to and enter the group Access ID (see details in the Member Portal).
  2. Download the free LifeSpeak app on Android or iOS – simply search for “LifeSpeak.” Once downloaded, open the app, click on “log in” and enter the group Access ID (see details in the Member Portal).

LifeSpeak also provides access to courses that can be claimed for continuing professional development (CPD) credit through a separate log in. To explore courses, sign on through the group Access ID (see details in the Member Portal) and click on the CPD tile on the LifeSpeak dashboard to create log-in credentials specific to CPD courses.