The Law Society Award

The Law Society Award honours the lifetime contribution of the truly exceptional in the legal profession; the person who has contributed more than anyone could ask and who inspires others in the pursuit of excellence.

The award is based on the criteria of integrity, professional achievement, service, and law reform. The award is made primarily in recognition of contributions to the advancement of the legal profession or the law, but public service outside the profession will be considered.

Law Society Award for 2023

Eloise Spitzer is the recipient of the 2023 Law Society Award. She has made extraordinary contributions to advancing equality, education, environmental protection, human rights and Indigenous rights and governance for over 40 years.

A fearless advocate, kind and generous mentor to young lawyers, many of whom have become prominent lawyers, judges and justices, and best known as the founder and leading member of the nationwide Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund (also known as LEAF), she embodies the best of the profession with her everlasting impact on the public and our society.

The Law Society was pleased to award and honour the lifetime contribution of Eloise Spitzer at the Bench and Bar dinner hosted by the CBABC on June 15. 

Past recipients

Eloise Spitzer (2023)
Leonard Doust, QC (2020)
Richard C.C. Peck, QC (2018)
Constance D. Isherwood, QC (2016)
John Hunter, QC (2014)
Marvin Storrow, QC (2012)
The Hon. John Charles Bouck (honoured posthumously, 2010)
John McAlpine, QC (2008)
Charles C. Locke, QC (2006)
Richard R. Sugden, QC (2004)
The Hon. Kenneth E. Meredith (2002)
The Hon. E.N. (Ted) Hughes, QC (2000)
The Hon. Martin R. Taylor, QC (1998)
Alfred Watts, QC (1996)
Mr. Justice Peter D. Seaton (honoured posthumously, 1994)
Chief Justice J.O. Wilson (honoured posthumously, 1992)
Oscar F. Orr, MBE, OBC, QC (1988)
Dean Emeritus George F. Curtis, QC (1986)