Bencher Elections

2023 Bencher Election

An election was held in November 2023 to elect Benchers of the Law Society of British Columbia in all districts for a two-year term beginning January 1, 2024 and ending December 31, 2025. Voting took place from November 1 to November 14, and votes were counted on November 15, 2023.

The Bencher election results are now available: 9 new Benchers were elected, and 13 Benchers were re-elected (two by acclamation).

Pursuant to Law Society Rule 1-5(4), Jeevyn Dhaliwal, KC (District No. 1), Brook Greenberg, KC (District No. 1), and Lindsay R. LeBlanc (District No. 2) will continue to hold office as Benchers until they complete their respective terms as President.

President Christopher A. McPherson, KC congratulates the elected and re-elected Benchers and thanks all those who stood for election. Mr. McPherson also thanks the Benchers who will not be returning, acknowledging the years of dedicated service of Kim Carter, Lisa Dumbrell, Katrina Harry, KC, Geoffrey McDonald, Steven McKoen, KC, Paul Pearson, Kelly H. Russ, and Sarah Westwood, KC. Mr. McKoen and Ms. Westwood, as well as Mr. McPherson, will become Life Benchers in 2024.

Please join us in welcoming the following Benchers who were elected on November 15, 2023 for the 2023-2024 term:

District No. 1 (Vancouver) – 11 elected

  • Cheryl D’Sa
  • Jennifer Chow, KC
  • Kevin Westell
  • Gaynor C. Yeung
  • Aleem Bharmal, KC
  • Christina J. Cook
  • Tanya Chamberlain
  • Tim Delaney
  • Nikki Charlton
  • Ravi Hira, KC
  • James Struthers

District No. 2 (Victoria) – 1 elected

  • James A.S. Legh

District No. 3 (Nanaimo) – 1 elected

  • Brian Dybwad

District No. 4 (Westminster) – 3 elected

  • Gurminder Sandhu
  • Tom Spraggs
  • Jaspreet Singh Malik

District No. 5 (Kootenay) – 1 elected

  • Barbara Stanley, KC

District No. 6 (Okanagan) – 1 elected

  • Michael F. Welsh, KC

District No. 7 (Cariboo) – 2 elected

  • Benjamin Levine
  • Georges Rivard

District No. 8 (Prince Rupert) – 1 elected

  • Jonathan Yuen

District No. 9 (Kamloops) – 1 elected

  • Jay Michi

Candidate biographies and election statements

2024 Bencher By-Election in the County of Vancouver

The next Bencher by-election in the County of Vancouver will be held in November 2024 to elect a Bencher for a one-year term to replace 2024 President Jeevyn Dhaliwal, KC. The term of the Bencher elected will begin on January 1, 2025 and end on December 31, 2025.