If you are a former lawyer seeking reinstatement of your Law Society membership, there are a number of requirements:

  • Submit all trust reports and required declarations and pay any assessments relating to late filing of trust reports.
  • Satisfy the Benchers that you are of good character and repute.
  • The Law Society may conduct or authorize any person to conduct an investigation concerning your application for reinstatement.
  • The Law Society may reinstate you without conditions on your practice, or may refer your application to the Credentials Committee, which:
    • may approve a reinstatement, with or without conditions or limitations on practice; and
    • must order a hearing into the application if you were disbarred or ceased membership as a result of discipline proceedings.

Any unpaid deductibles and surcharges will still be owed upon reinstatement.

Process to reinstate

You are required to submit a completed Application for Reinstatement of Membership and the non-refundable reinstatement fee. Applications should be received at least 30 days prior to your intended date of reinstatement.

Upon approval of your reinstatement and at the Law Society’s request, you must submit your desired membership option (practising, non-practising or retired) and pay the appropriate fee.

Additional information

FAQ: Reinstatement of Membership

For applicable fees, see Schedule 1 of the Law Society Rules


Application: Reinstatement of Membership