Law Corporations

The Law Society gratefully acknowledges author David G. Thompson’s (Thorsteinssons LLP) generous contribution of the following law corporation resources:


Lawyers must exercise their professional judgment respecting the correctness and applicability of these law corporation resources to their particular situation. The documents should be used only as an initial reference for getting started. Reliance on them to the exclusion of other information such as relevant legislation, changes in tax laws and case law is imprudent. You may need to obtain legal or accounting advice regarding the use of these documents. Note: In July 2017, the federal government provided details of its plans to review some tax planning measures that would affect law corporations.

The Law Society of British Columbia and the author accept no responsibility for any errors or omissions, and expressly disclaim any such responsibility.

For information and application form for applying for a law corporation permit, refer to the Law Corporations section on the Forms page.