Applying to the Admission Program

Eligibility for the program

In order to be eligible for the Law Society Admission Program, you must be able to provide either:

  • proof of graduation from a common law faculty of a Canadian university, or
  • a Certificate of Qualification issued by the National Committee on Accreditation if your legal qualifications have been acquired outside Canada.

The Law Society Admission Program is supervised and administered by the Credentials Committee of the Law Society.

How to enrol in the Admission Program

Step 1 Secure your articling position

It is up to you to obtain an articling position before applying to enroll in the Admission Program. See the Articling section on this website for detailed information.

Step 2 Complete the application package, including:

  • Law Society Admission Program Enrolment Application;
  • Articling Agreement;
  • Articling Skills and Practice Checklist;
  • Official transcript sent directly from the university showing the actual granting of the law degree and grades, or your NCA Certificate of Qualification. Recent graduates may submit an official transcript at a later date only if the university has not yet processed the granting of your degree in time for the Admission Program deadline. In this case, you must provide a letter from the dean confirming that all requirements have been met and submit the official transcript as soon as it is available; and
  • Fees for enrolment in the Admission Program and the Professional Legal Training Course ($3018.75, including GST).

Step 3 Submit the application package to Registration and Licensee Services at the Law Society at least 30 days prior to your enrolment start date. The package may be sent by you or by your firm.

You must meet this deadline for submission of your Law Society Admission Program Enrollment Application form. All application documents must be received before your application can be assessed and your enrolment approved. Retroactive registrations are not permitted, except as directed by the Credentials Committee. Applications for retroactive status must be accompanied by a written submission to the committee setting out reasons for the late documentation..

Step 4 Submit a separate application form to the Law Society for registration in the Professional Legal Training Course. Note that the deadlines for PLTC are very specific and different from those of the Admission Program. For more information, contact