Claims for Lawyer Negligence

All BC lawyers in private practice carry indemnity coverage through the Lawyers Indemnity Fund.

If you believe that a lawyer has made a mistake that has caused you financial loss, you should contact the lawyer and ask them to report the matter to the Lawyers Indemnity Fund. Your correspondence to the lawyer should set out what you hired them to do, what they did wrong, when this happened, and how that mistake caused you a loss.

Do not delay. There are time limitations that start to run as soon as you know or should have known that the lawyer made a mistake that has caused a loss or will cause a loss to you. You may also want to seek independent legal advice.

Sometimes it is clear that the lawyer has made a negligent mistake, the mistake has caused a loss, and the amount of the loss can be readily calculated. In these circumstances, the Lawyers Indemnity Fund will try to settle your claim. If there is no agreement on whether there was an error, that an error caused a loss or on a settlement amount, you may have to sue the lawyer in court.

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