Lawyers with a practising certificate, whether full or part-time, are subject to the full CPD requirement, with the following exemptions:

  • lawyers with a practicing certificate who submit a declaration that they are not practising law in the reporting year. Examples of lawyers who might submit a declaration that they are not practising law are those who are
    • inactive
    • on medical or maternity leave
    • taking a sabbatical
  • new members who have completed the bar admission program of a Canadian law society during the reporting year;
  • lawyers who resume practising law within the reporting year after having been exempt and, subject to the new-member exemption,above, new members by way of transfer. These lawyers must complete one credit hour for each full or partial calendar month in the practice of law. The professional responsibility and ethics, client care and relations, and practice management requirement is also adjusted.

If a lawyer has not practised law for at least 60 consecutive days in a calendar year, he or she may apply in writing for a reduction of the required professional development. A lawyer who would like to be exempted or have his or her annual professional development pro-rated must submit a signed written letter requesting an exemption and outlining the dates they will not be practicing law. We will then confirm their requirements, which will be 1 hour, including 10 minutes of ethics, for each month or part of a month they practiced.

No exemption is available for:

  • being too busy (such as a long trial), or
  • the practice of law being in another jurisdiction.