Articling offers by downtown Vancouver firms to stay open until August 19

All offers of articling positions made in 2022 by law firms with offices in downtown Vancouver must remain open until 8 am on Friday, August 19, 2022. Downtown Vancouver is defined as the area in the city of Vancouver west of Carrall Street and north of False Creek.

Set by the Credentials Committee under Rule 2-58, the deadline applies to offers made to both first- and second-year law students. The deadline does not affect offers made to third-year law students or offers of summer positions (temporary articles).

If the offer is not accepted, the firm can make a new offer to another student within the same day. Law firms cannot ask students whether they would accept an offer if an offer was made, as this places students in the very position Rule 2-58 is intended to prevent. If a law student advises that he or she has accepted another offer before August 19, the firm can consider its offer rejected.

If a third party advises a lawyer that a student has accepted another offer, the lawyer must confirm this information with the student. Should circumstances arise that require the withdrawal of an articling offer prior to August 19, the lawyer must receive prior approval from the Credentials Committee.