Our Volunteers

The Benchers thank all those who volunteered their time and energy to the Law Society in 2022. 

Whether serving as members of committees, task forces or working groups, as Professional Legal Training Course guest instructors or authors, as fee mediators, event panellists or advisers on special projects, volunteers are critical to the success of the Law Society and its work. 

Thanks to our 2022 volunteers

Hon. Judge Renee Cochard

Dick Chan

Jessica Chung

Emily L. Clough

Sara Clouston

Beatriz Contreras

Hon. Thomas Cromwell 

Anita Dalakoti

Ravneet K. Diocee

Phil Dwyer

Colleen Elden

Craig Ferris, KC

Jon Festinger, KC

Leah Fontaine, KC

Lauren E. Frederick

Tyler Galbraith

Mark K. Gervin

Brittany Goud

Todd C. Harvey

Deidre Herbert

Ellen S. Hong

Iman Hosseini

Magal Huberman

Clare Jennings, CBABC President

Rose Keith, KC

Peter Kelly

Judith Kennedy

Michael J. Kleisinger

Derek LaCroix, KC

Riley Lalonde

Margot Liechti

J. Jeffrey Locke

Jaspreet S. Malik

Tony Magre

Nicole Mangan

Dr. Bruce McIvor

Hugh S. McLellan

Kendra Milne

Tamara Napoleon

Erica Olmstead

Linda Parsons, KC

Sara Pedlow

Nicholas Peterson

Timothy Pettit

Jamie L. Porciuncula

Daniele Poulin

Clifford Proudfoot

Sarah Richmond

Hon. Marshall Rothstein, KC

Mark Rushton

Puneet Sandhar

Robert Spagnuolo

Polly Storey

David Thompson

Gregory Umbach

Herman Van Ommen

Marko Vesely

Ken Walker

Marnie Westbury

Edward Wilson

Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson, KC

Bruce Woolley, KC, and the Solicitors’ Legal Opinions Committee of British Columbia