When lawyers need help: Navigating mental health resources


When lawyers need help: Navigating mental health resources

The Law Society is excited to announce the launch of LawCast BC, a new podcast that examines emerging priorities impacting the legal profession, regulation and our work to protect the public.

In the coming months, audiences can expect LawCast BC to cover a wide range of topics aimed at both the profession and the public, including discussions about mental health, Truth and Reconciliation, artificial intelligence and new technologies, diversity and inclusion, rule of law and more.

In this first episode, we share information about one of the most pressing issues facing the legal profession: mental health. A national survey was published last year on the state of legal professionals’ mental health. More than half of respondents in BC reported experiencing psychological distress and many of them said they did not seek help despite needing it. The Law Society is committed to supporting the mental wellness of lawyers and has taken a number of steps to increase access to resources and provide opportunities for connection and conversation.

Learn about our new mental health and wellness resources on our Lawyer Well-Being Hub in this discussion with Claire Marchant, Director of Policy & Practice Support, and Rose Morgan, UX & Content Strategist. We chat about the types of support available, reducing stigma and dispelling some common myths about accessing help. Listen on the Law Society's website, on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.

The full text transcript is available.

To find out more about all of the services Claire and Rose mentioned in this episode, visit the Lawyer Well-Being Hub. Other resources referred to this episode also include: