Certificates: Standing, Authentication or Notarial

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The Law Society provides a number of certification and authentication services to both lawyers and members of the public including:

Certificate of Standing

A Certificate of Standing is a detailed document issued to a member of the Law Society at their request only. It contains the complete details of a lawyer’s membership history including any open complaints or investigations, practice restrictions, and any arrears or other financial difficulties. These certificates are usually required for lawyers who are seeking to acquire membership in another jurisdiction or to confirm that they are entitled to practise law in BC.

To request a Certificate of Standing, complete the online request form in the Member Portal and submit your payment. Requests are processed in the order in which they are received and the Law Society does not offer an expedited service. Allow up to 10 business days for processing upon receipt of payment.

Request a certificate

Certificate of Authentication

Some foreign governments and organizations will only accept a document notarized by a BC lawyer if the lawyer's signature has been authenticated by the Law Society.

Note: The Law Society cannot authenticate the signature of a notary public, unless that person is also a lawyer. To request an authentication of a notary’s signature, contact www.notaries.bc.ca.

To request a Certificate of Authentication:

Ensure your documents meet our requirements

  • The document can be a copy of an original document, but the lawyer's signature must be original. The Law Society cannot authenticate photocopies of a lawyer's signature.
  • It must be dated and include an index card if it you intend to send it to the US Consulate.
  • It must include the lawyer’s name (printed), lawyer's address and telephone number.
  • It must include the notary’s seal/impression and the wording "A Notary in and for the Province of British Columbia". The lawyer’s name must be visible in the seal/impression. A stamp of a seal is not acceptable.

Prepare a cover letter

  • Include your name, mailing address, telephone number and email address. We will use this information to contact you when your document is ready.
  • Confirm the method for returning the documents:
    • Pick up at the Law Society office: When you are advised that the document is ready, you may pick up the document at reception during regular business hours (8:30 am to 4:30 pm).
    • Courier: You must arrange and pay for a courier to pick up the document once you have been notified it is ready. The Law Society will not arrange a courier on your behalf nor will we pay any courier fees. We will contact you when the document is ready.
    • Return by expedited mail: You must include a Priority Post or XpressPost envelope with your document submission. These can be purchased from any Canada Post outlet and the mailing address information must be entered on the envelope before submitting to us.

Submit one payment for each document set

  • A "set" of documents consists of any number of pages, reviewed and notarized by the lawyer, which will be sent to the same destination. Each document that is notarized by a different lawyer must form a separate set of documents as the Law Society only authenticates one lawyer’s signature per set. Once authenticated, each document set will be fastened together with an eyelet to ensure they can never be taken apart. You must determine which documents will be included in each set and clearly identify them (i.e., stapled or clipped together with a paper or binder clip) prior to submitting your authentication request to the Law Society.
  • The fee for each document set is $26.25 and must be delivered to the Law Society office along with your cover letter and original documents.

Additional requirements for consulates and embassies

Some consulates and/or embassies require additional authentication services that may be obtained in BC through the Order in Council Administration Office, or federally through Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada. If required, you must contact these organizations directly:

  • Order in Council Administration Office

Contact | Guide

  • Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada

Contact | Guide

Allow up to 10 business days for processing upon receipt of payment.

Order in Council Administration Office

BC lawyers who wish to be placed on file with the Ministry of Attorney General’s OIC Administration Office must first submit the required form to the Law Society for authentication.

Submit your request

  • Download the OIC form.
  • Complete all sections or fields on the form.
  • The notarial seal must be affixed to the form. Impressed seals are required as label or sticker style seals will be rejected.
  • The text on the seal, including the lawyer’s name, must be clearly visible. Illegible seals will be rejected by the OIC Admin Office.
  • Send the original form to the Law Society’s offices along with the required payment of $26.25. Only original copies of the form can be authenticated.

You must complete the form correctly as any issues with the form contents will result in its rejection by the Law Society or the OIC Administration Office. Once the form has been successfully authenticated, the Law Society will email the document to the OIC with the original document following by regular post.

Allow up to 10 business days for processing upon receipt of payment. A receipt will be issued to you when your request has been processed.


Certificate of Standing  –  $78.75 (GST included)

Certificate of Authentication  –  $26.25 (GST included)

OIC Administration request  –  $26.25 (GST included)

Notarial Certificate  –  $26.25 (GST included)


  • Cheque or bank draft (payable to ‘Law Society of BC’)
  • Visa, Mastercard or American Express

Processing times

Certificates are processed within 10 business days of receipt of a complete request.

Delays in processing will occur if your request is incomplete or cannot be authenticated. For example: payment not included, lawyer’s signature cannot be authenticated, lawyer’s stamp or seal missing or unclear

Contact information

Documents for authentication and the required payment must be delivered to:

Registration and Licensee Services
Law Society of BC
845 Cambie Street
Vancouver, BC  V6B 4Z9
Email: registration@lsbc.org
Phone: 604.605.5311