Addressing harassment, discrimination and bullying in the legal profession


Discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment, in the workplace are serious problems in society, and the legal profession is not immune to it. As the regulatory body for lawyers, the Law Society has an important role in ensuring lawyers do not engage in harassing or discriminatory behaviors. 

In the latest episode of LawCast BC, Sarah Sharp, Equity Advisor at the Law Society speaks about her role in supporting those who have experienced or witnessed harassment, discrimination and bullying in the legal profession. She addresses challenges faced by those who experience or witness this harmful behaviour, including retaliation, and outlines the supports and resources available. She also speaks to recent expansions to sections of the BC Code on discrimination and harassment .

Given the nature of this topic, the situations and content covered in this podcast may be triggering for some listeners. Please take care when listening.

Lawyers, articled students, law students and support staff of legal employers who have a concern or a question are encouraged to contact the Equity Advisor at or 604.605.5303.

A full transcript of the episode is available for download.

Here are some resources mentioned in this episode: