E-Brief: November 2018

2018 Annual General Meeting update

Continuation of the Annual General Meeting has been scheduled for December 4 at 12:30 pm. The meeting will consider the business left unfinished from the October 30 meeting that was adjourned due to a service interruption to the online voting platform. The provider has remedied the issue and has assured the Law Society that it will maintain the availability of the voting page throughout the meeting when it resumes. In addition to providing online attendance and voting at the continued meeting, additional in-person locations are being arranged. Further details regarding locations and online participation may be found on the website.

Final reminder: Online voting for Vancouver County Bencher by-election closes today at 5:00 pm

If you have not already voted in this Vancouver Bencher by-election and are eligible to vote in Vancouver County, and wish to do so, your online ballot must be submitted by 5:00 pm today. Votes will be counted tomorrow, November 15, 2018. To vote online, log in to the Member Portal on the Law Society website. If you require assistance, please contact Member Services at memberinfo@lsbc.org. Candidate biographies and election statements can be viewed on the Law Society's website.

Dean Lawton, QC acclaimed as second-vice president

On October 30, Dean Lawton, QC was acclaimed as second vice-president for 2019. Dean's term commences on January 1, 2019, and he will be first vice-president in 2020 before serving as president in 2021. Dean was elected a Bencher in 2014.

Mental Health Task Force interim report

The Mental Health Task Force delivered its first interim report at the November 9 Benchers meeting. The report contains a number of policy recommendations for decision by the Benchers at their December meeting. These recommendations, which are the first of a number of planned proposals, focus on admissions and CPD policies, as well as on enhancing education within the Law Society and law firms. Read the full interim report here.

Consultation on alternate legal service providers extended

Consultation on the draft proposal for alternate legal service providers has been extended to December 31, 2018. The consultation paper containing the proposed scope of practice can be found here. Lawyers are invited to submit their views to consultation2018@lsbc.org.

Law Society honours those who gave their lives in World Wars One and Two

On November 9, the Law Society rededicated a plaque honouring Law Society members and students who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving our country in World Wars One and Two. In the ceremony, First Vice-President Nancy Merrill, QC spoke to an audience of Law Society Benchers and guests, pausing to recognize each of the 80 members and students. More information on the ceremony can be found on the Law Society website.

Holiday scam alert

Lawyers are advised to be alert for scams during the upcoming holidays, keeping in mind that scammers take advantage of reduced staff during the holiday period. If you will be away, arrange for a competent lawyer to supervise your practice and provide the lawyer and your staff with your contact information. Your staff cannot deal with trust funds, except in accordance with the Law Society Rules, Division 7 – Trust Accounts and Other Client Property. Ensure you and your staff maintain an awareness of the different scams, including the bad cheque scam. Review the names and documents fraudsters have attempted to use against BC lawyers. Be vigilant about the Law Society's client identification and verification rules (3-98 to 3-109). If you suspect that you have encountered a fraud in BC, contact Barbara Buchanan, QC, Practice Advisor, at 604.697.5816 or bbuchanan@lsbc.org.

From the courts

The Supreme Court of BC has issued an Administrative Notice directing that a party or counsel seeking to have a presider sign an order on the bench first have the order vetted by the registry.

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