Allowed services

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Erin Bury

Erin Bury will operate an online digital platform, to help BC residents create wills and powers of attorney. Currently, users download and sign the completed agreement in front of witnesses. Bury intends to offer users a 100% end-to-end digital process, whereby users will be able to complete, digitally sign and virtually witness their documents without the need for paper copies. The platform will provide legal information about wills, estate planning and related topics. Should users require legal advice, they will be told to contact a lawyer.

Kyle Friesen

Through Tellalawyer ( Kyle Friesen will provide an online lawyer referral service that offers a direct link for the public to qualified legal professionals, for initial consultations, through a secure online booking and payment platform.

Scott Nicol

Through SimpleArb, Scott Nicol will provide an online platform that allows parties to enter into settlement negotiation and confidentially disclose their offers to settle. A claimant enters the amount they are willing to receive and the respondent enters the amount they are willing to pay. The amount entered by one party is not disclosed to the other party. If the offers match or overlap, the SimpleArb system will declare a match. The system will then disclose the average of the offers to the parties and an agreement can be formed. If the offers do not match or overlap, no information on the offers is shared.

Mayette Ostonal

Mayette Ostonal proposes to offer the following services:

1. Legal Coaching, independent of Ostonal's employment at a law firm, which includes:

  • coaching clients in civil litigation procedure, with a focus on the Civil Resolution Tribunal and personal injury litigation
    • helping clients understand the process and what is required of them at each step;
    • providing them with information on how to find rules and other relevant legislation, the proper forms to use, serving parties, deadlines and other similar administrative matters;
    • assisting with determining evidence to use in supporting or defending their claim; and
    • providing assistance in how to find case law for arguments;
  • coaching clients when they prepare pleadings, statements, affidavits and submissions by providing explanations for the purpose of each document, general outlines of what should be included and then assisting them in either fleshing out their drafts or paring down the drafts to focus on the issues at hand;
  • providing general information and coaching regarding Small Claims and Supreme Court, including providing explanations on the court process, information on how and where to find rules and other relevant legislation, how to fill out forms, calculating deadlines, what evidence they need to prove or defend their claim, what can be included in their list of documents, the purpose of examinations for discoveries and general procedure, general information on trial preparation, and providing clients with online sources for more detailed information; and
  • helping clients hone or refocus their claims (but not specifically providing advice on what their legal issues are);

2. Editing documents that Ostonal's clients have prepared, such as letters, submissions and chronologies; and

3. Assisting clients with case law and quantum research to determine the appropriate damages for their claims.

Heather Campbell Pope

1. Legal guidance - Through phone consultations and email exchanges, Heather Campbell Pope will help unrepresented individuals with dementia and their families understand and navigate the criminal justice system and the barriers and issues faced by an accused/offender with dementia. If the accused/offender has representation, any further legal services for the individual is to be coordinated in consultation with the lawyer.

2. Advocacy support - Pope will provide advocacy support to people with dementia who enter the criminal justice system due to responsive behaviours by carrying out actions such as writing letters to the Crown, correctional authorities, care homes/health authorities regarding resident absences and admission, and writing letters to custodians of health information regarding access to records.

3. Legal research - Pope will cany out legal research and write memos/letters on dementia and criminal offending specific to the individual’s case, and prepare documents for use in, or related to, a proceeding. For example: preparing a human rights complaint if the individual has been "evicted" from or denied re-entry to their care home; preparing a submission regarding a deportation order; drafting written submissions for a conviction or sentence appeal; applying for termination or exemption from the sex offender registry; or applying for compassionate release.

Hayley Woodin

1. Document creation - Hayley Woodin will run an online platform that creates cohabitation, prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements. The platform will include two main components: a guided expert system and a document assembly system.

2. Legal information and Education - The platform will provide users with legal information about their rights related to marriage, cohabitation and relationship breakdown in BC. Accessible legal information, resources and educational materials will be readily available on the platform and presented throughout the agreement creation process.

3. Managing User Risk - Users will also be urged to seek independent legal advice for the agreements that are created and in the event their needs exceed what the platform can meet.