Each year the Law Society honours longstanding members of the profession through the presentation of 50, 60 and 70-year certificates, in tribute to their cumulative years in the profession.

For those lawyers who have previously served as a judge, all years of service on the Bench are acknowledged as forming part of that service record.

For 2020, the Law Society created this special video presentation to celebrate the recipients, as the usual celebration event had to be postponed in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.


The following lawyers celebrated milestone anniversaries in the profession in 2020:

Ralston S. Alexander, QC (50 years)
Joel M. Altman (50 years)
A. Gordon Armstrong, QC (60 years)
Gary M. Begg (50 years)
David A.G. Birnie, QC (50 years)
Allan E. Black, QC (50 years)
Joseph A. Boskovich (50 years)
James J. Camp, QC (50 years)
Arthur L. Close, QC (50 years)
John G. Cochrane (60 years)
J. Gavin Connell, QC (60 years)
Thomas E. Dinsley (50 years)
Melvin D. Easton (70 years)
Michael J. Edwards (50 years)
H. Del Feller (50 years)
J. Gary Fitzpatrick, QC (50 years)
Boris W.F. Fodchuk (60 years)
Ronald G. Fox (50 years)
Ronald K. Gutkin (50 years)
John E. Helsing (50 years)
William M.B. Holburn, QC (50 years)
James C. Hutchinson (50 years)
William E. Ireland, QC (50 years)
John N. Laxton, QC (60 years)
Morley A. Levitt (50 years)
Terrence R. Loptson (50 years)
William E. Lougheed (60 years)
J. Keith Lowes (50 years)
Miss Rosemarie Lutter (50 years)
William B. McAllister, QC (60 years)
John B. Molson (60 years)
Michael H. Moscovich (50 years)
David H. Norton (50 years)
John W. Norton (50 years)
Carol J. Powlett Pepper (50 years)
Andrew A. Purdy (50 years)
D. Peter Ramsay, QC (50 years)
Anthony P. Serka, QC (50 years)
H. Keith Siddall (60 years)
Michael F. Smith (50 years)
Peter W. Stanley (50 years)
Sandra D. Sutherland, QC (50 years)
D.G. Duff Waddell (50 years)
Philip B. Webber (50 years)