Assigning Articles (Changing Principals)

No principal should unreasonably withhold a request to assign articles (change principals) under the following circumstances:

  • the student has an opportunity for long-term employment with another firm that wishes to employ the student for the balance of the articling period;
  • the student is seeking wider experience; or
  • there is a conflict between the principal and the student.

How to apply to assign articles to another principal

File the following forms with the Law Society no later than seven days after commencing employment at the office of the new principal:

  • Assignment of Articles Agreement;
  • Declaration of Previous Principal;
  • Articling Skills and Practice Checklist;
  • statements from you and your previous principal briefly setting out the reasons for the assignment; and
  • a final progress report from your previous principal.

If a student fails to apply for an assignment of articles within the seven-day deadline, the period of time between the date he or she left the office of the previous principal and the date he or she filed the assignment of articles documents is not included in the calculation of the student’s nine-month articling term, unless the Credentials Committee directs otherwise. If the student has missed the seven-day deadline, he or she must include a submission to the committee setting out reasons for the lateness of their application.

For more information, contact Registration and Licensee Services.