Temporary Articles

You may apply for enrolment in temporary articles if you are:

  • a student at a faculty of law who is required to be enrolled as a temporary articled student for the purpose of either summer articles or a clinical program at either the University of BC, the University of Victoria or Thompson Rivers University;
  • qualified for enrolment as an articled student and awaiting an enrolment start date, which will commence in not less than six weeks; or
  • qualified to practise law in a Commonwealth country and have actually practised in that country for two years or more. In this case, the temporary articling period cannot exceed three months. A student may appear in court only on a summary conviction matter and under the direct supervision of a member of the Law Society of BC.

The time spent in temporary articles will not be considered in the calculation of or reduce the nine-month articling period.

A person enrolled in temporary articles is deemed to be enrolled as an articled student.

At the end of the temporary articles term, the Law Society requires a Final Report from the articled student’s principal. The Final Report should be in the form of a letter and must contain a brief assessment of the articled student’s progress at the end of the temporary articles term.

The Credentials Committee may revoke temporary articles at any time for any reason that the committee considers sufficient, without giving notice to the student and without holding a credentials hearing.

How to apply for temporary articles

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Submit the following to the Law Society:

The deadline for submission of all documents and fees is 30 days before your enrolment start date. Applications will not be processed in fewer than 30 days.

For more information, contact Registration and Licensee Services.

Additional information

Temporary Articles FAQs

For applicable fees, see Schedule 1 of the Law Society Rules.