Qualification Examinations

Professional Legal Training Course (PLTC) students must pass two qualification examinations, designed to ensure they know the law, practice and procedure in the core areas of practice covered at PLTC, and can apply that knowledge to solve a client's problems.

Examination subject areas

There are two examinations: Barrister covers barristers’ work and Solicitor covers solicitors’ work. Each part is three hours in length. You must achieve a minimum of 60 per cent on each qualification examination to pass.

The subject areas covered and the assigned corresponding marks for each are as follows:



Practice Management
10 marksPractice Management10 marks
Civil30 marksBusiness30 marks
Criminal Procedure30 marksReal Estate30 marks
Family30 marksWills30 marks
Ethics and Introduction to Indigenous Lawincluded throughoutEthics and Introduction to Indigenous Lawincluded throughout

Examinable reading

The qualification exams are primarily based on the Practice Material. PLTC students will receive a reading list that identifies the portions of the Practice Material that are examinable.

The following are also examinable:

  • the Legal Profession Act, the Law Society Rules and the Code of Professional Conduct for British Columbia (all of which are contained in the Law Society Member’s Manual); and
  • sections of the statutory material that are frequently referred to in the Practice Material (you will not be examined on an entire statute, but you should know the key provisions that are referred to in your Practice Material readings).

Examination preparation

The examinations are open book. Students may use the Practice Material, the Activity Plans binder, the Member’s Manual, their own notes, summaries or indices, and any relevant statutes.

All PLTC students will have the opportunity to complete Sample Barrister and Solicitor Qualification Examinations during PLTC. If you are not enrolled in PLTC but need to write a Qualification Examination and wish to prepare by completing a Sample Examination, please send an email to PLTC at pltc@lsbc.org with the subject line “Sample Exam Request.”

Requalification or transfer

Individuals seeking to requalify, transfer or be reinstated may also be required to write the qualification examinations. See the web pages on those topics for more information or contact Registration and Licensee Services.